Benefit from Ecoplastics

9 Reasons why to use Ecoplastics

  1. Plastic waste is a widespread global problem. Even with higher recycle rates, not all plastics can be recycled, and many end up in landfills. Biodegradable plastics help to solve the problem of plastic waste and during the anaerobic biodegradation process, methane is generated, and this is a clean, free energy source.
  2. Ecoplastics (ETL) are organic. After thorough research and creation by our scientists and engineers, ETL uses carbon-based ingredients to enable durable polymers to biodegrade like organics *.
  3. Ecoplastics (ETL) produce biodegradable plastic without using food crops as do PLA based plastics. Using ETL to create environmentally friendly products does not place unnecessary stress on limited resources such as corn and water.
  4. Ecoplastics (ETL) will not affect the integrity, quality, strength, durability or other required properties of plastics. The shelf life of untreated plastic is the same as that of ETL treated plastic.
  5. Recyclable. Ecoplastics (ETL) additives do not affect the recyclability of plastic products.
  6. Ecoplastics (ETL)  can be applied to EVA, HDPE, PET, LDPE, LLDPE, GPPS, PP, HIPS, nylon, PVC, and polycarbonate plastics.
  7. Ecoplastics (ETL) additives have been rigorously tested. Successfully passing the ASTM D5511 test method to measure the carbonaceous gas and methane gas produced, thereby verifying the biodegradation process.
  8. Ecoplastics (ETL) products do not decompose prematurely. Our additives are only activated in the presence of related microorganisms and enzymes in anaerobic conditions, which are not present during transportation or the life of any plastic products.
  9. Ecoplastics (ETL) is a drop-in technology, loaded at the mouth of the hopper via gravimetric feeder and does not require any changes to manufacturing equipment. ETL is added at 0.5% for PET and 1% for all other plastic types.